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109 Coolgardie Avenue, Redcliffe, WA, 6104
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  • Location: Walyering-5, Onshore, Dongara Western Australia
  • Operation: CCI JV with Datacan to run 3rd MPLT for flowing static and flowing logging
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To successfully log well during well testing operations on live gas well using 3rd party MPLT logging tools. Supplied and ran by CCI engineer as lead tool specialist.

Adapt standard ASEP mechanical counter to ensure compatibility with Datacan digital correlator at short notice.

Ensure adequate BHA weight to calculate maximum flow rate prior to well test operations.


Design and machine precise adapter spigots assembles to convert standard ASEP mechanical counter to Datacan digital correlator using both measurement devices available within 48 hours.

Calculate BHA surface/cross flow area in proposed flow rates and adapt downhole BHA’s to allow client to achieve logging in the desired flow rates.


Clear Cut Interventions’ (CCI) slickline provided critical logging data and results tradionally provided by E-line.

Client was able to get all required well data from the well using a quicker and cheaper alternative to E-line logging

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