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Inverted Dropped Object


  • Location: Wandoo B- 107, Offshore, Western Australia
  • Operation: Fishing D-shackle in 13 5/8” casing dropped during drilling operations
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Due to Covid restrictions face-to-face interactions between personnel on the 107 Jack-up drilling rig and the Wandoo platform being worked over was not authorised


To fish the dropped object offline via the 107 and down to the Wandoo B platform using and an inverted sheave arrangement while the rig continued drilling the sister conductor hole.


The CCI slickline team and equipment were mobilized immediately to the rig and set up an inverted 3 sheave rig up solution. We were able to run a 7” HD fishing magnet from the 107 down to the Wandoo platform, underneath the drilling BOP and retrieve the dropped within 3 hours of commencing rig up. Leaving a very happy drill crew

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